Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hilang Rm200 000 Atas Kecuaian Sendiri!

PETALING JAYA: Syndicates involved in SMS scams have come up with a new tactic to cheat gullible Malaysians.Two victims lost about RM200,000 last month.

The syndicate members take full control of the victims' bank accounts after telling them they have won cash prizes of thousands of ringgit and that they have to register for electronic banking so that the money can be credited.

This was disclosed yesterday by Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed who said the two victims received SMSes on their handphones offering the prizes. The victims were asked to apply for e-banking at their bank's automated teller machine (ATM).

"The victim is told to go to the bank's ATM and call the syndicate members, who are operating overseas, at the contact number given before registering for the e-banking service.

"On calling the number, the victim is asked to go into his ATM account and apply for the e-banking service using the numbers on the ATM card as the user name. He is also told to give the numbers to the syndicate member.

"Then the victim would be given a password for the account. Once the victim registers the password, the syndicate would have full access to the account." (Bukti Kebodohan Mangsa, Bukan Salah E-Banking)

He said the syndicate members would then change the password and the victim's money would be transferred out. Arjunaidi advised the public not to fall for such a scam and to lodge a report if they received such SMSes.

Police have also urged parents and students planning to study overseas to be wary of bogus agents claiming to represent universities abroad. Arjunaidi said these agents would collect fees from students and then disappear.

He said the bogus agent would advertise in newspapers. The agent, who would forge the university entry forms, would ask for the first year's full fees to submit to the university.
Arjunaidi said there were many such cases reported in the country. Those cheated can make a report at the nearest police station.

P/s : Jangan plak lepas ni x percaya e-banking. E-banking adalah kaedah yang baik untuk wang transaksi yang selamat selagi anda tak bagi password kat orang. Kalo dah bagi, memang le...

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