Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1000 Web Directory List

Looking for a set of web directory list? Many people especially bloggers and internet marketer submit their sites to web directory not online to gain SEO advantages but also more exposure. Most web directory already has their own Page Rank from 0 to 8. The highest I have seen is 8, belongs to http://www.lii.org.

I just came across a good website that offers submission to web directory, and many websites that already have good page rank. This submission will increase your own page rank and that's a good deal. Of course, if we involves good page rank, nothing is free. Just a few dollars will make your page rank increases.

Lazy URL offers an intensive submission to good page rank sites for affordable price, from as low as below USD10.00 until the maximum price of almost USD1500.00 where they will work for you for a week straight. Lazy URL also offers free web directory submission where you can submit them manually.

Yup, manually. Meaning that you have to visit each of the 1000 web directories and submit your blog or website manually. Some refers only to web blog and some only for websites. As usual, gambling, adult and lottery doesn't suit in any of the web directories. Most will make usual things which is needed of approval and so on.

I can't post all the 1000 web directories here because it will violate the terms and condition from the website itself. Its protected with Copy Scope and I really don't want to mess up with any websites. See the list by clicking here.

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