Saturday, April 26, 2008

Affiliate Junktion Is A Junk

Getting commission for every sign up that completed all the process including verifying credit card, familiar? Yeah, its the Affiliate Junktion where you only have to refer people to earn more money. I got this news from, one of the blog that I personally subscribe. Anyone has joined them?

Affiliate Junktion's already has its own bad reputation, been shown by some of their unsatisfied agents. They even started a forum to avoid others from joining Affiliate Junktion. What kind of report did I hear? One of it is any registered user must pay USD75 and after the credit card number verified, the registered user will get back their USD75.

The problem is that you won't get the amount is US Dollar but NZ Dollar. So, the same amount with different rates only mean one thing, you will lose cash. The claims in Power-blog is much worse. Advertising in PPC programs really makes money involved. Unfortunately, he claimed that he has a queue of pending commission but none has been paid.

So, for anyone who still hasn't joined Affiliate Junktion, you better think twice. You might able to earn or to lose. But proves from many that has joined the team only convey negatives outcomes.
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P/s : Anyone else in Affiliate Junktion has something to say?

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