Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Altenative For Google

Who actually don't know anything about Bidvertiser? Even a scratch or a tiny pimple size information? I bet all of you readers knew about this amazing advertisement programs that really boosting the cash for bloggers and traffic for advertiser. The number of Bidvertiser's publisher increases by days and the count didn't stop there. It has grow and making its own empire!

So, have you ever wonder why you should choose Bidvertiser? Why they aren't any e-book related to Bidvertiser, not like Google Adsense and Ebay? Its easy, because Bidvertiser is pretty simple and many adsense technique can be applied on Bidvertiser too. Of course, there's no button at the control panel to divide any abrigate websites but the earning still flowing.

You might consider creating a farm, assimilation to the background font, putting on top and so on, just like Google Adsense. The best part would be the referral parts and the payout. Putting as low as USD10.00 for payout via Paypal, its very effective especially for small bloggers like me. The payment will be deposit automatically inside your Paypal account at the end of every month when the minimum amount achieved.

Referral is one of the best features. If my referral gets USD10.00, I will also gain the same amount. The rate is depends on Bidvertiser itself but that's one of the rate. So, what are you waiting for, sign up for Bidvertiser and monetize your blog now!

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