Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bio Fuel Been Blamed?

Hi fellow readers, its been a while since I've been posting using english language. Did any of you read the newspaper last few days regarding the great tsunami that occurred all around the world? How about the rumors and accusation from some of the developed and poor country towards others, especially the food exporter such as south America?

If you notice, some of these western activists blame the production and research of bio fuel from palm oil has contribute to the rise of the food market. They say that due to the research and production of the alternative petrol using the fossil fuels, many farmers abandon their local food farm industry and started to establish palm oil estate. This impact can be seen much closer at many south America's country such as Brazil and Peru.

Is this true? The European Union board denies this facts. They say that the research and the outcome of having palm oil as an alternative do not have impact on the global food production. It's actually lessen the cost as people will later intend to use palm petrol, decreasing the price of fossil fuels on the coming years. Finding alternatives are solutions for a better future.

It is the condition of China that really have the impact of global food production as China is the main country that contributes to the food export all over the world, holding more than 30% of the world's food production. Floods and drought that have landed on that land made agriculture almost impossible, effecting the global food market. Alternative by buying from other country has risen WFI budget from 500 million to 700 million USD.

Some say that the activists are actually a part of the western agenda so that the resource from oil plantation will decrease and the usage of fossil fuels increases. This is due to the fact that they had spend millions on war, and now they want to take back the profit from all the oil in Iraq to cover back. So, if the oil selling price is much higher, the profit will be much higher too, even though the world will feel the impact of goods rising.

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