Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Come Here Cougar, The Bird Got To Go.

(France Cougar EC725)

(The controversial Nuri)
Cougar and a parrot, who can kill who? Its obvious actually. Malaysia's helicopter, Nuri (parrot) got to go. Nuri had serviced Malaysia for quite a time and now that pretty bird got to move and give Malaysia's military with a new impact, a France born Cougar! France is quite sure that Malaysia will choose them due to the fact that Malaysia had bought Fennec from them in 2004.

(Nuri's Brute Brother Sikorsky S92)

Cougar, a modern day helicopter with twin engine has the capability to carry 28 passengers from Kota Kinabalu to Kuantan with the search and rescue capability of 3.8 km height. Other helicopters that might go into Malaysia new arsenal would be Sikorsky S92 (Nuri's Brute Brother), Agusta Westlands EH 101 and Mil MI 171.

(Agusta Westlands EH101)

As usual, Malaysia would only make a deal with any company that willing to create a two ways business meaning that by buying EC725, Malaysia's local companies, CTRM and SME Aerospace will be able to supply spare parts for EC130 for global market. Both gain the benefits. All the helicopters will be a great boost on Malaysia's military, police and rescue team.

(Russian Mil MI 171)

Personally, I am so happy that finally we have the big brothers, the Otai (Malaysia words) to get into the game. Now, Malaysia will be much better in its own defensive system to ensure the independent of the country for centuries more!

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