Monday, April 21, 2008

ELF vs Greenpeace

Hi fellow readers, Happy Earth Day to everyone! What have you done to help our mother earth from facing destruction and can last longer? Greening the earth, perhaps? Its a fine day today so stop wasting your petrol engine car and walk on foot or cycling to work @ class! Making campaign perhaps?

As you all had known, I can only help mother earth by recycling. What about you? If you dont want to make it for free, you can still earn lots of cash with it. I've already posted a post regarding recycling including the current price, effective only in Malaysia. So, in this post I would like to talk about Greenpeace.

Greenpeace is one of the main organization that helps to keep earth intact. The members already exceeded thousands from all around the world. Greenpeace founder is Hunter. I cant remember the full name, this is just one that swap inside my brain. Greenpeace has change a lot and carry out many parade and activities to help save the world such as sailing to Artic to stop nuclear test and protecting seal on the day of the hunted seal.

(Map Showing Damages By ELF)

On the contrary, ELF which stands for Earth Liberation Front is the aggressive side of environmentalist. They use offensive method to protect mother nature, even if they have to kill. ELF has been listed as ec0-terrorist by CIA and FBI and work closely at United States. Their activities included demolishing tractor, cutting the brake of many 4 by 4 cars that emitted black smokes, freeing animals from being scientifically tested in labs and many more.

Which sides are you in? I'm more towards Greenpeace because many things can be settled gently without any offensive method been given but sometimes fist worked better than talk! Go visit Greenpeace sites now and you can visit unofficial ELF websites too!

Happy Earth Day again!

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