Thursday, April 24, 2008

Entrecard Dilemma

Since I changed my blogs concept to full English (except for the title and a few others), the traffic has flown into my web blog not twice, but more than that. Actually, that's what I've been hoping for, more traffic so that I can improve my Alexa ranks. Having hundreds of visitors per day is a dream for new blogger like me.

On the other hands, I wonder what is the quality of all this traffic. Are they readers or scavengers just looking for my Entrecard spot to drop on. I've surf a few web blog and it seems this agenda is not new. It's hard to determine which one is the quality on and which are not. Of course, everyone that channeled here through Entrecard seeks the dropping zone, even me but did they read any article?

I guess this shouldn't be a dilemma because at least I already achieved my goals for better traffic. There are new readers of course, its just quite hard to determine the numbers. At least, as people were saying, more traffics means more money!

P/s : Finally, my submission of this web blog hasn't been denied not like the previous attempts.


  1. I've noticed that too.. where I have more people hitting my blog, but no one seams to comment. Of course I go in spurts where I go to a site just to find where I can click, but if while looking I find an interesting article I will read and try to comment. (Like right now)

  2. Jen, I couldn't agree more. I also looking for things to click but if there's a nice article to read on, I would love to drop a comment.