Sunday, April 27, 2008

Entrecard Now Acceptable!

Joined thousands of satisfied customers promoting your email directly to 2.7 million people! For your information, I have open my email marketing specially for all Entrecard user with the price of only 1000 EC per mail. Every promotional email will be sent to 2.7 million safe list user by using paid services that I applied.

I can guarantee the safety of your promotional mail with the following:
1. This email is not a spam, nothing to do with AMS or Bossmailer.
2. Your email guarantee send t0 2.7 million people daily.
3. All emails registered are unique and active.

There will be no additional charges. If you don't have enough EC, you can apply to my service via Paypal. The deposit information as following:

Paypal (USD4) -

Maybank (Rm10) - khairul anwar, 153010440540
Entrecard (1000EC) - click here

For payment via Entrecard or Paypal, I will send email @ PM at you regarding your promotional email or you can easily submit them via email form at the bottom of this blog. For Maybank, do send your transaction information and promotional email using the email form below.

Example of promotional email - ", humor but not the funny kind! If you visit men will fear you and women will adore you"

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