Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He Really Should Wear Specticles

The case between the famous football player, Ronaldo and a "woman" name Andre or Andrea really making me almost chocking to death due to extreme laugh symptoms! I don't know whether Ronaldo was drunk at that time or not but this case really embarrassing especially to his fans all over the world. That still didn't include the proof that was shown by Andrea to the media about the purchase of three transvestites and drugs.

Thank god he didn't go for the next level/ If not, the star already have a "good" time with three man! haha...owh man, that's tickle a lot. My friends which hung his pictures really tear them over. Its unacceptable especially for them. I am not a football fan so there's no hard feeling between me and Ronaldo but for the fan, he must held his honour back before its too late. His carrier depends on that.

Andrea said that after Ronaldo discover "the truth", he offers $600 per person to let loose and out of his motel unfortunately Adrea demands $30 000.00. "She" really knew how to smell money from his wallet. So, a police report was lodged between Adrea and Ronaldo and as the officer said, if we put 10, he trust Ronaldo 9 times more that Andrea.

What will happen to Ronaldo after this? Nobody knows...

P/s : I knew it all this time why I had no interest in football...

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