Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Host Your Picture With Blogger

Hi readers, if you search through the internet, you will find a lot of websites that offers you either paid or free image hosting. I usually use Imageshacks due to the fact that the service is free for any pictures below 1.5 Mb and the interface is quite simple. But did you know that you can actually use Blogger to host your own image? Its so easy, lets start it.

Firstly, open your blogger account and click on new post. So, you just create a new post like you often done on your usual post and don't forget to upload the images that you want to be hosted. Just click on the image, browse through your computer and upload. Now, the trick is after you finished uploaded the picture you desire, don't publish the post but save it as draft.

Now, click edit post and click delete the draft that you just save. In the interface later on, Blogger will ask you whether you want to keep the pictures or delete it as well. Right click the picture that you've just uploaded and copy the image link. Paste it somewhere at your notepad for future usage. Click the green tick box so that the picture title change for delete (red) to keep (green).

Great! Now your picture has been hosted by Blogger! You can now delete the draft and use the image link :) Easy, right? I would love to thank and give full credit to the owner of Blogger Buster for teaching this technique!

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