Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hover Plane, Made In Malaysia!

As many of you have known, Malaysia is the host of this year DSA (Defense Services Asia) and more global defense companies are taking part to promote their military equipment to suits the needs of many countries to enhance their defense system. It doesn't called OSA so that the exhibition doesn't promote war.

Actually, what I would like to highlight today is Malaysia's made hover plane, develop by Gig Technology Holding Sdn Bhd. Guess what, the creation of this hover plane meaning that Malaysia is the first Asian country that develop such military transport. It has been the eye catching of the exhibition but its still not officially launched by the company.

Hover Plane can fly up to 2 meters high on the sea, with the speed up to 70 - 80 knot when its flying. Using the Campro 1.8 CPS engine, a Proton car engine, Hover Plane becomes one of the easiest military transport that can easily fix by anyone even with the basic engine skills. Its user friendly and very effective in combat.

The next generation of Malaysia's Hover Plane will be much lighter, with the addition capacity of passengers (from 4 to 6) and equipped with a stronger bullet and balistic proof body specially designed for military purposes. For now, three Hover Planes are already been booked by Philippines and more will coming for the next months.

Congratulations to Gig Technology by making a breakthrough in Asia's market and put Malaysia on top of the world! Malaysia Boleh!

P/s : I've browse the internet and cannot find the actual picture of Malaysia Hover Plane. I think its classified. Just imagine an Apache body with wings, two fans at the back and the hover at the bottom. The hover plane's colour is black.

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