Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jobs In Town Advertising, So Cool!

Advertising is one way to express your way on doing jobs, promoting more people to participate in your events and even show yourself from the others. I've feel bonded with Jobsintown.de advertising technique, their posters and method is so great!

This is the image taken besides ATM machine, its just like someone is actually operating that machine manually from the inside. Wow, its a lot of work and stress sitting all day inside a very small machine.
Below is the picture of a woman preparing hot water for the customer, inside a vending machine. Notice that how unique the picture matches the vending machine including the coin slot and the water slot. It's so real that I might believe it is real if there's no advertising quotation.

This picture is on a instant photo machine. It shows someone is mending your photos inside the machine itself and checking the photos before submit it to you. So natural.

Lastly is the gateway for Jobsintown exhibition. At this exhibition that was held on 8th December, the biggest German job exchange has make exhibition to help many people that have problems over low wages and terrible working condition.

P/s : I can only find three which is related to machine, is there any more posters other that vending machine, ATM and instant photo machine?

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