Sunday, April 27, 2008

Losing Your Teeth?

Bowling alley seems humorous when this advertising company used quite a good approaches that evoke people to user the advertiser services by having this type of advertising in an entertainment place such the bowling alley itself. Seriously, this is the first time I see a very funny yet effective advertising.

This dental company uses this approaches and at the same time you can see that you are making the face toothless if you got a strike. Its funnier when you don't get one. Losing a tooth or two is really funny. Can you imagine a face with that particular tooth line?

Now days people are taking into the next step of advertising. Banners and billboards, posters and fliers can be consider as an old ways to advertise. Using internet as a medium and using creative advertising site just like above are new trends and evolving from time to time. So, since you have pull some teeth on someone's mouth, you might not be able to forget the dental phone number :)

P/s : I wonder will there be any strike because player might laughing while playing :p

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