Thursday, April 24, 2008

Malaysians, The Opportunity Is Back!

For international bloggers and internet affiliate marketer especially from European and western, its not hard to join any affiliate on the net due to the fact that they love you a lot. Benefits of Clickbank is vast ahead of you. Malaysian had chances to open a Clickbank account before this but then suddenly, they shut the door.

For quite a moment, Malaysia has been abandon by Clickbank. I cant say much and understand what Clickbank had to do because at that time, Malaysia can be considered as one of the highest internet fraud and scam in the world, dominating even Asia countries. At that time, many affiliate marketer has to let go of all the opportunity.

Hey, now they're back. I've just checked at Wang Cyber forum that Clickbank now can accept Malaysian. I thought it was another joke because everybody knew about the small chances of breaking to Clickbank especially Malaysian. So, I tried to sign up (again) and guess what, its work like a charm!

I guess Bro Gobala Chapter-M is not suitable for a while, due to the fact that there's no need to open any mail box or rent a virtual office in Singapore! Maybe when the time comes (they banned Malaysian again), we can simply refer back to Chapter-M.

For now, lets take all the opportunities and started making thousands of dollars now! Tonnes of affiliate marketing are waiting for you!

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