Monday, April 28, 2008

Master Q & Potato

Master Q is quite famous in the previous years. I had "read" the comic, its in Chinese language hence my read term would be looking at the picture. But actually the comic itself is silence, only the title is in Chinese. Master Q's comics are gradually a short comic consist of 3 to 8 boxes. I never came across any that more than 8 boxes.

So, need some humor for the day? I bring you Master Q original masterpiece. I don't know whether you have seen them or not but its worth looking. Seriously, I didnt laugh a lot when reading this comic, its just humorous in a sense that don't need laughing, just smiling.

P/s : There's more in my stock, maybe later on I will create a blog specify on Master Q :)


  1. I like to read Master Q.. It is funny

  2. You can actually read them? Haha...I understand the story line by looking at them, not reading...not good in chinese lol...