Saturday, April 26, 2008

Monopoly Anyone?

I love games involving Tycoon and so on. I am a faithful collectors of all strategies games available that I can find in Malaysia's market. Its quite a boost of thinking skills when I started playing any strategy games and its really addictive.

Today i would like to share one of my personal favourite game of all time, the Monopoly Here & Now. As you all know, Monopoly belongs to Hasbro and the games already goes till the end of the earth. In the board game, there are already a lot of Monopoly themes, the new one would by Monopoly Google Edition (printable version, not official).

Here's a few snapshot of Monopoly Here & Now. The game is simple with great graphic for easy playing and a good interface. You can play with your friends of the bot, up to 4 people per game.
The bot has three level, First Time Buyer, Entrepreneur and lastly Tycoon. I think you better skip First Time Buyer because its just like a baby playing monopoly,no strategy at all.

Go for Tycoon and you'll get trilled but its not that hard :) seriously, I won against three tycoon the first time I play it. Got caught in jail will sound the alarm, a police van will show up and take you to prison. The dice is automatic and the pawn has variety to choose from. What will it be, a dog, plane, car, coffee cup, laptop, handphone and even french fries.

Wanted to give a go? How about download the trial 60 minutes version using the link below.


P/s : Sorry, I can't give you the full version code or I might get sued by Hasbro :(

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