Monday, April 21, 2008

My Traffic Stat...

Today I've checked on my Nuffnang regarding my traffic status, at least for the one that bypass the Nuffnang detection code. Well, as usual, the majority is from Malaysia and the second majority goes to United States, with a quite impressive percentage of 34 percent. The rest would be from Norway, Indonesia and Brunai.

For potential advertiser, here's your chance to promote not only to Malaysian but also foreigners that are so open minded especially on internet marketing. United States citizen has the most influence buying power on the net besides European. Since the advertisement site here is so cheap, its worth a lot just to ads with me.

More information? You can email me by click on the advertisement site itself :) Payment accepted via Paypal and Maybank. First month offer half price for banner, only Rm10/USD4.00!

P/s : There's only one banner ads left for rent. The other two has been taken and booked.

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