Sunday, April 20, 2008

Noooo...Not Literature!

It is stated that a few month later, an evalution will be done whether we will stay teaching English in science, math and now add on the English literature starting from the primary school. The outcome for more notorious style of teaching from the government to enhance the grip of English language is really too far. If I'm one of the politician, I absolutely say enough!

We already convert math and science in English, and now we are taking literature as well? Are we really going to go for the western printed syllabus? Thank god the idea of sex education been rejected, if not, I am sure Malaysia will face virginity difficulty due to the fact that the children get a too early exposition on the topic. Literature is a no!

I've learn English literature as a part pf my course as I'm taking degree in TESL, its hard and mind twisted, yet alone the propaganda and all the imprint ideology that has been imprinted in every poems and articles, dramas and novels. English literature is actually one of the western way to channel their philosophy in the brain of an infant. It shouldn't channel to our young Malaysian too.

Malaysia, don't be too kind and too open. Be like Japan.

Just my personal opinion...

P/s : Owh man...the picture doesnt suit the language...owh well :p

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