Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not My Luck

It's just not my luck. I've often participating in competition involving slogan and votes, all just went to the drain. I guess people like me wont get anything easy, not with just a twist of fate. So, today and yesterday I tried Joe Tech Entrecard Slot and I only won 2 Entrecard for today. Yesterday was worse, no winning at all.

Entrepoints now days are not like when it first publish. Seriously, I am one of the early bird, before this blog even started. At that time my blog was called X For Everything...ya, the one babbling about nature. Entrepoints now can be converted to cash and guess what, they even sold Entrepoints in E-Bay for quite a dollar! 1000 EC for USD12.50 is not bad.

Even within the community itself, you can purchase Entrepoints for USD8 per 1000 EC. For new bloggers, its better you start by purchasing because its much easier than dropping your card all the way to other bloggers. But, if you asked me, by visiting other bloggers blog, you wil gain new idea and discover awesome blogs! I've just discover a few such as Joe Tech itself.

There's even a free blog that gets into Alexa ranking. I guess new blog like me wont go there...not easy as that. Owh well, dont forget to try your luck at Joe Tech EC Slot, you've might win something, or nothing :p

P/s : Seriously, I want to put the EC Slot's code but this blog is just too compressed!

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  1. Aslm,
    excuse me..

    i just want to ask something.. i just dont get the whole picture of entrecard.. buley x bro explain point by point to me?

    tq bro..