Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PPC, You Got To Be Kidding.

Hello fellow readers, anyone around here is a great and dedicated member of any PPC? How much has you earned especially after the hard work clicking and visiting all the sponsor? Which website did you participate in? Is it a scam or a paid one? Should all of this be counted on you before you continue with any PPC.

I've started to try making money online by joining PPC (paid to click) and many more such as PTR site and so on. Many had I joined and only a few were real. I remember back the times where I am so happy having enough points to be paid at least RM10 after an exhausting days clicking the sponsors ads at After searching for 10 referrals as a completion of the TAC, I requested my payment and never get them, not now and ever. I just know later on that Cash88 is a scam.

Can you imagine if you walks on my shoes and what do you feel after the massive clicking? PPC is good for any side income (a bit...) but surely are you going to make money by doing this? Each click you might earn only a few cents, not even 0.10 cent per click. How many do you need to click for how many days to earn a dollar?

If you walked through a few internet marketer, most of them have tried everything even PPC to find solutions for a better money making solution on the net. Most give up and started searching something else. So, what I'm trying to say here, its ok to go for PPC as long as it's not a scam. Actually, its better if you go under freelance writer because you might earn more :)

P/s : Actually I'm just too lazy, PPC do make money :)


  1. haah.. ppc macam cash88 mmg scam.. hampass tul.. nsib bek ak xjoin.. coz dlu join numenmail pun bkn die bayar pong.. ngabeh kan masa jee..

  2. Of course, dulu pun saya memang dah tunggu lama sangat tapi tak dapat-dapat :) Biarkan aje lah...dah cop scam dah pun...