Thursday, April 17, 2008

Prove of No Spamming

Hello fellow benovelent readers, this post is actually just to show anyone who still have a doubt about my email marketing services. I understand that it is too good to be true to have a program that did not have anything to do with spamming, email spider and even AMS. Well, as I was saying, its not a spam and you can definitely count on that.

Below is the actual print screen of my email, no editable in this section except for the border. Notice that every email that was sent by the company, the Web Traffic Marketing has a quotation to state that this is not a spam. This policies have been agreed by all of the members of the email marketing, even me. I receive many ads and I love to see a good ads in it.

(double click for a clear picture)

For now, I can only send an email for every 24 hours. So, time is vital for anyone that wanted to try my services. My email marketing service is only Rm20/USD10.00 and I can guarentee you that the email will reach 2.7 million prospects daily. Expand you business now. For inquiries or question, please use the email form located at the end of this web blog. Thanks :)

P/s : Thank you for your great support!

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