Monday, April 28, 2008

Removing Blogger Nav Bar? Think Again...

I've been stumbled across many websites and web blog that offers content regarding how to remove or hide the Blogger's Nav Bar. There's one you could find at Blogger Templates on the method. So, some says that the Blogger Nav Bar makes your blog looked ugly, unreliable and even gross.

Now, did you notice that I still keep my Blogger Nav Bar on top proudly even though I already going for unique and independent domain? I don't know about others but I have reasons why I am doing so. Its not hard to remove the Nav Bar but I rather not. Why?
1. Taking the Nav Bar out is a violation against Terms and Conditions.
2. The Nav Bar is actually a search bar for content in the blog.
3. I am proud that Blogger gives their services for free to me.
4. It's enable an easy blog jumping or blog walking.

To ensure that the blog looks nice and tidy along with the Blogger Nav Bar, you can customize the colour to suit your blogs primary colour. There's already a range from the header and the Nav Bar, so there is no worry about the header been overlapped by the Nav Bar.

I've been seen some people commenting on removing the Blogger Nav Bar as the act of ungrateful due to the fact that Blogger's blogging services is free. Some even says they rather not going through a blog that has no Blogger's Nav Bar if their been hosted by Blogger. Its hard to hide the extension url, If you ask me, I go for the Blogger Nav Bar. Its not a big matter anyway :)

P/s : If you use the extension of, better stick the Nav Bar...

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