Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Road Bully

Actually, its a funny story that happen to me not long ago. Its about a road bully or almost like one. It's quite funny when I'm thinking about it over and over again. So, the story goes like this.

That afternoon, I've planned with my fellow friends to go shopping. Come on, men also need to shop. If not, where else can we buy our stuffs. So, I have to pick up all the guys since I'm the one that driving the car. It's Naza Citra if I'm not mistaken. One of my friends live just at the corner of the main road.

So, at that corner, I slowed down my car so that I could pull over. I realized that the car at my back, the Proton Perdana driver was a very muscle type of guy, with an angry face. He horned at my car...beep...beep... and when I was going to pull over my car, that car did the same. He pulled over his car in front of mine.

Suddenly, that car's door opened and the muscled guy went out of the car with a steel lock, the one that we used to lock our steering. With the brute eye, he stared at us. We are scared to death, even the one that we supposed to pick up ran inside the car and I locked the door. Is he angry that I parked my car at the corner? I know it's wrong but...he's not a police. Even a police can't do that!

Then, the muscled guy opened his car's back door. The one that directly behind the driver and started poking something. We became quite confused and started guessing, is he going for a hand gun or something? Suddenly a frog jumped out from the back door. The muscled guy close the door and drive away.

We were so relief and yet feel so funny that we laughed all the way to the mall. We thought he was a road bully but actually just a driver that was not pleased with the present of a frog!

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