Saturday, April 26, 2008

Site For Sales!

Are you fed up with your own website or looking for a well made extension site that can increase your earning? If you seek for a ready made websites that already have a steady traffics and even 600 registered users, you might be interested in this offer!

A half time blogger wanted to sell his websites called World Iklan. Iklan stands for advertisements in Malay. Don't get me wrong by having the name in malay words doesn't mean international buyers has problem with the interface. Its fully english and been managed by system called GA Soft. The reason why he sells his great websites due to the commitment of his works, nothing more.

So, any catch? There's only one catch. You have to take out a small amount of money to pay for the domain and hosting, thats all. Its unique domain so of course you have to pay for that. Nothing is free especially the domain and web hosting. Only Rm135/USD45 per year.

How can the profit flow into your account? There's a few ways I can suggest to you so that you can earn more:
1. Google Adsense
2. Advertising site
3. Directory fees
4. Using the registered users to refers more products

Here's some details that I search for your reference. This website is Page Rank 3 (quite good) and Alexa traffic rating of 5 549 472 (the rank quite bad because the owner had a hard time due to busy schedule). You can boost the Alexa easily by making extra advertising :) Its a long term profits, remember...
So, the price for this website? Only Rm1750.00/USD600.00 only! Thats cheap enough for such a great website. Inquiries? Please email me at russia_agent{a} or just use the email form at the bottom of this blog :)

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