Monday, April 28, 2008

Social Spark Reject Me

I just get the feeling that my blog will be rejected by many sponsored reviews websites because of its age, content and attachments. I've just been kick out from Smorty and worse, Social Spark now did the same. I've been a Social Spark member for a while and this is the third time I apply for them.

Social Spark put the reason as this blog is solely on payment and referral links. Is it true? Maybe the payment is true because that's what I'm blogging for. Not just for fun but also for extra cash. Maybe its due to my attachments and widgets that really under referral links. I hope the advertising widget from Nuffnang, Advertlets, and Bidvertiser has nothing to do with this.

Social Spark is a place where blogger and advertiser gathered and making a good business for themselves. Advertiser got the buzz and blogger got the money. Payment are based on the advertiser and others for example izearank, traffic and also pages view. As using Blogger as a platform, its hard to gain 1000 page view per week as each person only view one page.

I am so eager with Social Spark that I will determine to have another go. Maybe I have to delete my referral widget but that's ok, as long as I get to stay in Social Spark!

P/s : I bet my disapproval must have something to do with referral links.


  1. 3 times? Melo been rejected more than me...thats a motivation to keep trying :)Hope melo already approved