Thursday, April 24, 2008

Their Back In Malaysia!

Finally, after a year missing the whole carnival, Tech Ed SEA 2008 will storm Malaysia once again! So, any new features compared to the previous years? Of course! If they can create Vista much quicker than expected, Tech Ed SEA 2008 should be a piece of cake with newer stuff, more updated brand and more educational material (I dont have to remind you Ed stands for education, right?)

All the booth already closed, sold out. So, can you imagine the outcome of this year's Tech Ed? 2000 participants from 33 countries! Unfortunately, there will be no PC gaming in this year's Tech Ed due to the fact that its full house already, not enough space for another developers! But no matter, there's more that might catch your attention.

(Picture from previous TechEd)

It's not easy to get heads on with Microsoft expertise but in Tech Ed, you might as well just bullying them, storm with questions and seek answers from the master itself. But please, don't bullying them too much because they already give you almost 50% discount on this year's Tech Eds. With the price of Rm699.00, its more than affordable!

Here's some details for you:
- Starting from 11 - 14 August 2008 at KL Convention Center, Malaysia
- 2000 participants from 33 countries
- 109 speakers including Microsoft and locals
- 158 hands-on lab
- 38 instructor-lead labs
- Parties!

Head now to for more details and registration!

P/s : They show you about hacking and security system, I love that!

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