Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vice Versa

If you think this article has something to do with Vice Versa, the famous TV3 drama, then, its not. Prepare to be disappointed because today's post is about my new posting policies. I will be doing post in malay and english. Meaning, its a mix content. This blog's name still, but the post will be mixing up.

Well, the idea came when I'm chatting with a few friends that have the same field as I am, a newbies in internet marketing and earning. They say that its better to have a mix up content so that it will be much easier for content search as we all know that internet external language is english. Of course, I can practice my english at the same time. Exam is just a few miles away.

So, what's the benefit of having a mix up content?
1. Advertising advantages
2. I might able to attract foreign readers from other walks of earth
3. Chances to get post reviews from PPP and LinksWorth would be higher
4. Increasing chances to be seeing in SE
5. Practice english all together, you and me :)

Thanks Titan, the webmaster of for your guidance and support. He teaches me a lot in the YM session till 2 am. is listed on Alexa, once become a PR4 blog and have a mix content. Don't forget to show support and visit his sight at

P/s : I probably post malay more since my english is very bad :)

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