Saturday, April 26, 2008

When Religious People Unite

I am so proud of being a mortal after I read the newspaper about an attempt from three different religions, Islam, Christian and Jews to fight against the effort of the New Jersey Immigration to deport an imam of Islamic Center of Passaic, Al-Fadhil Mohammad Qatanani. He was claimed by the enforcement that he cheated when he immigrant to New Jersey. Actually I'm not quite clear on what is his wrong doing.

All that I know is that Qatanani has been labeled as a great man that bringing all people from many religion together as one in one community with the help of the religious leader of Christian and Jews. Together they have created a religious community that tolerate to each other and no oppression in one another.

(Rev. Phil Latronico, Chairman of Chritian-Islam New Jersey Project)

I feel so happy that there's a part in this world where Islam, Christian and Jews can live together in harmony and help each other in happiness and sorrow. Right now, they are fighting to help Qatanani by having a petition of 15 000 signatures. There's also banners giving support to Qatanani and T-Shirt that were sold for USD8 with writing "Remain Imam In America" (This is a translation from my newspaper...the writing might not be the same imprinted on the shirt)

(Rabbi David Senter, Leader of Congregation Beth Shalom)

Qatanani's lawyer, Claudia Slovinsky stated that the accusation is irrelevant as Qatanani never lie at the immigration form. I really hope that one day there will be peace and harmony between this three religions which called the Samawi.

P/s : Samawi stand's for "From The Sky" in arabic language.

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