Friday, April 25, 2008


It's been a while since I started blogging using this domain, if I'm not mistaken, its about three months now. I always wants a steady readers and increasing one if I can, many potential buyers and page rank. Yeah, page rank... but I never got even one! What actually happens? What did they actually evaluate? Its really spinning my head.

If you read some of my previous post, there is a post about 10 ways to get rank on your blog. I take the content from and guess what, it didn't work out at least on me. I've been visiting a few blogs that have less traffic than me and much younger than me but still get at least page rank 1. What did Google evaluate? What?!!!

Is it because this blog contains a lot of reviews including product and blog reviews? Is it because I was banned in Google Adsense that actually effecting my blog too? Is it because there are some words that sound sexy that made Google think my blog is an adult site? My links out and ins are not enough? My Alexa still under 3 million something? I only have 17 subscriber? I don't have strong niche?

Its hard when I have page rank 0. There are many paid reviews that I can't participate, advertisers that I can convinced, own satisfaction and so on. I hope one day my blog will be up and away to the top of the page rank. I guess I have to had more hard work to work my page rank up.

P/s : What is your blog's page rank?

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