Saturday, April 26, 2008

Which Mail Is Your Mail?

As a user of the internet, I bet most of you have your own email address. Whether its free or paid, common or unique, they are important and the level of email you purchase or have depends on what is the usage of the email itself. A corporate company shouldn't use free email because it would be less secure and less convincing when involving customers. Normal user can consider not to use paid email services due to the fact that the data might not so important.

So, which email services did you use? In my own personal rating, I prefer Gmail. Gmail or Google Mail is a good email services because its free, have a large space to store anything inside the email folder, larger attachments space and easy to use interface. The best part is, your email will not expire. It means there will be no fear if you can't check email in a long time due to overseas jobs and so on because your inbox will be safe and sound.

Yahoo! Mail goes to second place. Why? Its easy to set up, there are two types of interface depends on the internet speed. The new interface is user friendly as you can see the content of the email without going to the next page as it will be shown below the box. It has unlimited email storage and your bulk mail is safe from auto delete. The weakness is only that the email will expire within 3 months.
Hotmail goes third. It's belongs to MSN if I'm not mistaken and got something to do with Microsoft Live. I had used this email services once and I dare not use it again as I find the interface quite havoc. Its hard to check emails when there's plenty of it and the performance is quite slow when the page refresh itself.

Unique email is out of the picture. Its the best selection for internet marketer that has its own websites as the email address itself will show the credibility of the website or the company. Normally, once you have your own domain and hosting, you will be provided with unique email address.

So, which one you already have? I love Gmail but this blog itself operated mostly under Yahoo! Mail services. Owh well, actually I have no knowledge to create my own email address. If not, I go for unique!

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