Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why Magician...

You know, I have been think and ponder for quite a time to think about this. We have seen great magician at all time, from David Copperfield(is this spelling correct?), Cyrus and even David Blane (is this spelling correct too?) performing many unbelievable acts that out of this world! D.C can fly and make things and even human vanish in the thin air, Cyrus good for levitation and card trick and D.B is far out including staying on ice and so on. One thing for sure, I have seen them duplicating money.

I wonder, why did they choose the hard way by performing on stage and television to gain money instead of just multiply their own money and buy rich at a very low price which is effortless. If they seek for popularity, they can become a super hero, flying above the sky like superman and catch bad guys. Or even become famous by becoming a super villain, can rob the whole bank by make it vanishes. I wonder if they have their own agreement with their "helper" which is they cannot make magic something ease for them.

Sometimes I wondering why I've heard a lot of shaman that we called "pawang", "bomoh" and "tok batin" which is mostly from Asian countries where tradition is still preserved and practice that have magical powers that can turn people life upside down using ingredients and method and also spell. Unfortunately. why they didn't use the power so that an Asian country can win FIFA? Can you image if the shaman can move the ball around until the shaman country can have goal frenzy?

Voodoo and other spell that can kill people and make their life miserable is a practice in many countries too, even in the western. Somehow its practical enough until I can find someone selling Voodoo kit at Ebay! If the power or curse is strong, why don't we just use Voodoo to kill people we hate or at least make their life miserable? For example, I hate Bush and I can use Voodoo to make him hung himself or trigger bullet to himself.

Owh well, I think maybe magician and shaman etc is just another fake and folklore thats bound from a tradition. Maybe there are real magician and shaman but their power has been bounded by media that make them vanish inside the community that only believe in modernization.

P/s: If you think your life is full of miserable, better check whats under your bed or what's been planted at your garden... :0

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