Monday, May 12, 2008

1500EC To Sell

Attention to all entrecard user and international buyers, I would like to sell 1500EC for only USD12.00. I tried to find a better website to sell my points but it didn't end up well. Using entrecard own service is much slower and I didn't get any feedback, even now. Inside the forum itself there are no specific thread on selling EC.

What is the benefits of having EC?

  1. You can pay for your entrecard widget services.
  2. You can use to pay independant advertisement space, just like wonderful project.
  3. You can sell them on Ebay (mine are not verified)
  4. You can apply other services (email marketing, creating t-shirt)
  5. You can donate for contest such as subscribers goodies
If you don't know what is entrecard and how to apply them, you can simply go to Noted that your blog must be in english or you might risk total expel from the site until you've change your blogs language.

If anyone interested on buying my EC, you can simply send message to inside entrecard, kabelduit{a} or post a comment here.Thank you.

P/s : Some malay blogs still hasn't been banned, what's the secret?


  1. Macam mintak je blog melayu kena banned.. hehehe tu rahsia entrecard.. Banyak blog melayu pakai entrecard nihh

  2. I wonder how do you do it :)