Sunday, May 4, 2008

Free 750 Traffic Tactics Downloads!

Edmund Loh is not a new name inside internet marketing, his achievements by able to sell USD200 000 worth of profits in a month already amaze many including Malaysia's media. Now, he has created a compilation of e-books about how he generate his traffic, the 750 Traffic Tactics!

750 Traffic Tactics consist of 6 e-books which can be divided into 6 different titles and specification. The titles are

Traffic Tactics Volume 1 - What Every Webmaster Should Know About Traffic Building

Traffic Tactics Volume 2- Fast Traffic Tactics

Traffic Tactics Volume 3- Long Term Traffic Tactics

Traffic Tactics Volume 4 - The New Wave of Traffic Tactics

Traffic Tactics Volume 5 - Web Traffic Monetization Tactics

Traffic Tactics Volume 6 - Web Site Optimization Tactics for More Leads

As you all know, this compilation is a big hit and its already sold out after was sold for the price of USD97.00! It was so popular that even after the notification, many still wanted to buy the book. Now, you can have the compilation for free, only at!

No hint tactics and so on, no registration or building mailing list, just a free quality e-books for Kabelduit readers. You can start download 750 Traffic Tactics Volume 1 Until Volume 6 by clicking the download buttons at the side bottom of this blog, right after blog roll.

P/s : I invest USD97.00 for these free downloads for my blog readers :)

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