Wednesday, May 14, 2008

AdBizzy, Be Busy

Some of you might notice that the 6th Malaysia advertising company, Adbizzy had just launched its advertiser scheme where you can start advertise from as low as RM10 until RM50. It is rather cheap rather than if we compared to other advertising solution but does it reliable?

Adbizzy really need to be busy before launching this promotion. Why? Go to the website at and see for yourself the website interface. Is the webmaster really serious on making advertising company or just playing a fool. They already have registered as a company with SSM under Menarik Technology.

The discussion regarding Adbizzy reliabilities often end up bad. Advertiser don't have courages to hit the advertising button when the button itself is made out of basic font! No investment on exterior design? I wanted to support this company because it belongs to Malaysian people but with this attitude and profile, I pass.

(Welcome screen is a jpeg with a song from free player, what da..)

If you asked me, I am so sorry but I don't think this is what I want. First impression is already a total lost, I don't know where my money will go if I advertise here. My advice to Adbizzy is to change its design and be mature. Its so ugly, frankly speaking.

P/s : Can Adbizzy survive? Gokita is already on the face of fading away...

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  1. I've sent them a message regarding the status of their publisher and till now I didn't get any feedback. The customer information level is very low.