Thursday, May 8, 2008

Advertising Creativity

They never stop to amaze me. I have seen many advertising and promotional banners and posters from many countries and I love them a lot. I keep some for my reference and also just as a collection to look back or print out to become my wallpapers.

It's not easy to find ideas and different approaches to gain more unique advertising method. To have a great advertising materials and a permanent link to any viewers brain, unique is a must. Below is a few advertisement that I gained from various resources. Most of the companies are well known companies and unique advertising just making them a lot stronger.

Take a look and enjoy the pictures :) You can see Jobsintown advertising at my previous post. I love them too!

The naked truth behind power supply!

Beautiful hair is worth sharing and showing!

Need a bigger box? We can send you, inside!

Erm, are these teens crazy? Moving the tombstone along with them?

P/s : More will be coming up later, so...keep reading at!

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