Sunday, May 4, 2008

Announcement On Review Competition

Today is suppose to be the final day for review submission. Unfortunately at the same time my inbox is currently under raining condition because of the overwhelming email asking for details. It seems many has just lost the bus and I think maybe its due to my mistake for not making a good advertise on that particular event.

I hope there would be no offense with my decision to take and extend the submission period from 5th May 2008 to 20th May 2008 so that there will be more chances for others to participate. This decision is final and I hope there will be no more argue about the submission date. Its already been given an extra 15 days.

For those who already submitted, have no fear because on 20th May, I will contact you personally via email and will announce your blog and review link at this blog on 21th May 2008. Payment will be done via cash money, transfered inside your bank account (Maybank, BSN, CIMB). For those who still has no idea of what I'm talking about, please refer to the previous post.

I personally apologize for extending the deadline 15 days after the original deadline. I hope that there will be more participant for this events. Thank you :)

P/s : There will be no more postponing of the deadline after this.

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