Sunday, May 4, 2008

Automaticly Published

I can ensure you that most of the bloggers especially international money making bloggers must have something to do with John Chow and read his free e-books on how to make money online by telling people how to make money online, remember?

In the book itself, there are a lots of interesting yet basic techniques on how to generate income through the net. He even tell us about his past and the pain he endures to get what he have right now. If I am not mistaken, John Chow said something about schedule posting, right?

He stated that he posts up to 5 posts per day and some of his readers asking him whether he sleeps or not because the timing is so precise that you need to put your eyeballs out so that you can type something at 2 in the morning and he said that his secret was a program that can be used to make posting schedule.

Now, Blogger has offered the same item so that his clients (us) can "post" at a precise rate while going overseas, offshore or vacation. The schedule program is already pass its beta test on draft posts and now under development for more reliability especially in post that uses pictures and so on. The bugs will be fix and scan for new solution.

It is a good step for Blogger because by having this script, it shows that Blogger can be reliable and regularly updated, even when the owner is not around. You can write hundreds of post and set them to post on the blog within specific time. Its a good start for Blogger!

P/s : Now I can bundle all my work. But than again,I cannot find idea easily and can only type a post freely at the particular time, not by gather the writing to be posted later on :)

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