Friday, May 23, 2008

Batu Putih Is Not Ours...

Its quite sad and relief at the same time after all they have announce that Batu Putih belongs to Singapore and the Middle Rock belongs to Malaysia. Batu Putih is so near to Malaysia and yet by having those to Singapore, its really frustrating for me but at least all has been settled now. No more petition and so on once the decision has been made.

I don't want to talk about the details as all of you known that by your local newspapers but I still have a little hesitation to let Batu Putih go. Why? If you studied the map below than you might understand what I'm saying. That place is too near to Malaysia and it can covers the whole Selat Teberau, the port could be in problem if they take the soil from the sea away (I don't know the term).
In fact, Batu Putih can be widen and its not impossible for Singapore to create a military port there. It has been discussed in several forum and the possibility is there. As we all know, Singapore holds one of the strongest military equipment in the region. The tanks and jet fighter numbers are overwhelmed and almost exceeded Indonesia.

But as what have been mentioned, the decision is final. So, as Malaysia's government agree to let it behind their back, so do I. I hope that everything else will be settled on peaceful manners and the fate of the last unmanned island belongs to the nation's border.

P/s : Its a sorrow situation but what done is done.

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