Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blogger Spotlight

I don't know about your country but in Malaysia, being a blogger and blogger issues has become famous. In Malaysia, the bloggers has their own spotlight. Whether it is a bad one or a good one, many Malaysian starting to take bloggers and blogging as serious issues. It goes everywhere from newspaper, television and even the court room!

In Remaja, people are discussing about blogging. Seriously I don't know the teenagers that they interviewed but definitely not from a list of my friends. By the way they speak and the way they explained, I doubt that they are bloggers, especially the making money type. Maybe the television just search randomly for any bloggers, whether they are new or not, touch up a little bit and perform in front of the camera.

The webmaster of Malaysia Today, Mr Petra has been taken to the court by creating offensive article regarding Malaysia Vice Prime Minister, Dato' Sri Najib. See, blogger even reach the court. The webmaster is now under trial and maybe a few days or months later we will know the result. Its dangerous for being to offensive, especially right now as bloggers been monitored by the government.

Righ now, even the government ministry need to have their own blog, I think its compulsory. This is due to the fact that almost all of the opposition has their own blog to convey their message to the teen as you know that the voting power in Malaysia right now is generally from teenagers. So, to reach the teen easily is by using the internet. Even Dato Dr Mahathir has his own blog!

So bloggers, this is our moment of fame. If you have your own blog, don't be afraid to spill it out. Let your blogs be heard by millions every day!

P/s : I really hope no blogger going to ISA for cyber crime.

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