Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Bloody Day Of May 15th

Today is a bloody day as the wounds open at the land of the prophets as May 15th, Israel celebrated the day Israel country was recognized as a "official" country. Today is the 60th year our brothers and sisters in Palestine been forced to exile from their own land and becomes refugee for more than 60 years, the longest refugee in the world.

Today we remember how our brothers and sisters been shot, been gunned down, been missile to pieces and been push towards misery. Palestinian faces starvation and poverty because the Israel has destroy work opportunities on their own land and offers work at Israel that is so unfair on wages and work load.

Today we remember the peace route been created by America is just a U-turn to disaster, with forcing Palestinian to do what they want, to give what they want, to demand what they like and to kill who they dislike.

Today we remember a boy with stones fight against armed force, tanks and helicopter. We remember how our brothers and sisters houses and shops been gunned and exploded into rubbles without any mercy and yet they labeled our brothers and sisters as terrorist.

Today we shall stand with our brothers and sisters as one, we will help what we can, support what we can and we shall forever not recognize Israel as a land but just as a desperate migrating people. We will always help and support Intifada by any means, by anything or as small as just a pray.

P/s : As stated in Torah, the day the jews establish a country, the countdown to their destruction has just began.

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