Monday, May 26, 2008

Breaking The One Million Wall

Finally, after a long struggle and dreams, I made it to break the Alexa ranking one million barrier. Kabelduit now is among below one million traffic ranking blogs and websites and I've celebrated this achievement with a glass of hot chocolate :)

Kabelduit new Alexa ranking is 716524, its smaller than the previous 30 000 000. How many zero must I included before and now I'm grinning. I hope my PR will increase too later on but lets not hope too much because till now I still don't know the real way to increase any page PR. What is the important of having a good Alexa ranking?

One thing for sure, I might have more chances to get sponsored reviews from any advertiser or just a few more advertisements banner and links. For now, I don't bother much on this things because I am still in the middle of my research to gain full potential of Bidvertiser.

Before I forgot, I would like to remind you that Bidvertiser and Adsense can be put under one website, here's what the support team has to say:

Google Adsense can be put along with the BidVertiser ads with no limitations.

Google allows to run BidVertiser ads along AdSense on the same pages,
as long as a different color scheme is applied. Please see below the
official response from Google:

"We´re asking that publishers use good judgment on how much they
change the colors or formatting of the ads to ensure users don´t
third-party (BidVertiser) ads with Google ads. Proximity plays a role
well - if you´re placing the ad units directly adjacent to one
another, we´d ask that you use clear borders and offsetting colors to
indicate where one network´s ad unit ends and the other begins. If
the ad
units are on opposite sides of the page, using different backgrounds
colors and/or a different color scheme for ad text and borders should

Best Regards,
BidVertiser Support Team

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