Sunday, May 11, 2008

CCTV Fugitive

As usual, I go to cyber cafe just a few feet from my house's main gate, surfing and checking out my blogs. As John Chow said, a non update blog is a dead blog (actually, everyone says the same thing). So, my trip and stay at the cyber cafe suddenly turn into something interesting.

A boy, age around 12 has a large amount of debt on the cyber cafe, around RM200 after playing there and buying online item. So, one of the counter guardian (what a name!) go to the boy house and demand the money and the father said that his son will never go to cyber cafe and owe such money.
The next day (I'm there), the father, a policeman came to the cyber cafe and demand to check whether the claim is true. The cashier said its true and show a few proof including an email address with that boy's name. The father is so bossy (can you imagine, he smoke inside the CC even though the cashier says no..its air conditioned, stupid police). The father called the owned with this tone (Hello, I'm INSPECTOR ***, demand to see right away) So, he's an inspector, no wonder the bossy attitude.

The owner came to cyber cafe and bringing the hardest evidence, as CCTV recording. The boy keep denying for the whole 3 hours and I sick with his face. When the CCTV been showed, the boy walked outside and the father's face turns red because before that he mocked the cashier saying that he's lying. He apologize (still bossy attitude) and will pay tomorrow. The next day, the man's wife came and pay for her son's owing the cyber cafe.

So, based on this story, you better have CCTV inside your cyber cafe. Its works as solid evidence of owing, let alone other heavy crime such as breaking into the premise and stealing or robbing.

P/s : The boy has to stay at his granny's home, away from technologies in the middle of a forest in Sarawak...hahaha! He deserve that!

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