Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chip IC Card Not Worth It

Today I have to go to the registration department to create new IC card. My chip is already damaged and due to that, I cannot make any bank transaction especially claiming my debit card and go for my driver license. Since Malaysia changes its IC card into an electronic card, many of the features are unusable. The chip is more like a decoration rather than a working mechanism.

What did I actually babbling about? OK...lets think and ponder a little bit. All of the new IC card have its own memory to store many things including driver license. So, tell me why we still have a separate driver license? Why, when everything there's a roadblock, police will asked for driver license and not only our IC.

So, the government says that by using chip, we will minimize cheat. I don't know about others but in my opinion this mission also fails. We can see that there are still many fake IC every time the government make ambushes or ops. There's even a few that pass the security that the police itself cannot detect whether it is fake or not.

Lastly, by using chip, it will decrease the rate of any error that will occur on the database due to human mistake. Good point. It's true that machine seldom make mistakes except if it was programmed to do that. But, what with the case of a living man carrying a dead name. He's still alive but in the IC registration database, he's already dead. That still doesn't include name that already dead been listed on the election database.

So, its a good thing that Malaysia already achieved a good standard of using the electronic IC but if the problems occur more than the benefit, I definitely don't agree with this.

P/s : I am so angry that I have to pay for my damaged IC..the old IC don't damage like the new one.


  1. Erm My Card is still at good condition and luckily can read all the information correctly.

  2. Well, I regret for not using the plastic cover that was sold by the government. Its only cost me Rm1.00