Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dime Sale Or Roller Coster?

In internet marketing, the art of persuasion is not something new. Even in the offline market, persuasion is an art and tactics to attract buyer to start purchasing. One of the famous quotation would be "Limited time only", "Only 5 people left" and so on. As internet marketing evolving, the method of persuasion also evolve.

Two of the most successful persuasion techniques that I ever seen or had are dime sale and roller coster sale. What is dime sale? Practically, dime sale is a technique that involves time consuming and desperation for products. For example, they give you 50 seconds and the longer you wait, the price will increase into the moment you decided to click the X button on top right of you window. What you don't realize is that the next day you will come back to the same site and buy from them instantly and the item is sold.

Roller coster sale is a lot different from dime sale. It doesn't involve time but opportunity and luck. What does that suppose to mean? Roller coster sale works like a real roller coster. If the price of the goods is USD4.00, there will be display a jackpot alike that shows the customer the current price, from USD4.00 will increase to USD6.00 or go down to USD3.50. The customer can wait and pick for the right price that suits them since they don't know the cheapest price.

Unfortunately, even if both of the techniques are applied on your sales letter, it is a waste if you don't make a best offer from your products or the sales letter design itself is so lame. First impression is important even before the buy-selling is done.

P/s : I've heard that the best niche right now is about World of Warcraft, is that true?


  1. For certain product i do love roller coaster price compare to dime one. Moreover, obviously we can't predict market condition 100% correctly.

  2. Yup. But sometimes we can predict that the price we pay is actually quite expensive.