Monday, May 12, 2008

The Fall Of The World's Government

In the news today, it stated that the world is facing major inflation as the world's food and petrol increases rapidly. IMF stated that this state will continue for quite a long time, maybe a few years to come and it will increases. This will eventually burden not only poor countries, but others as well.

The news stated that there are chances that in this age, particularly this year, due to extreme pressure from marketing, financial, food productions and petrol price, it might become the year where many governments will fall either from poor or developed countries. This facts can be consider as a true prediction based on what happened.

In Myammar, the cyclone that attacked them become much worse when people started dying due to diseases and problem in clean water supply. Over 100 000 people are dead and missing. Myammar, one of the world food contributor faces problems with supply and the world also feel the impact. At the same time, election will be held, by any means.

Lubnan, the war between the two mazhab, Syafi'i and Syia' just started due to power that is not imbalance. But, if we put this on a bigger picture, the true war is because people are provocative for the sake of their needs. The people cannot take the pressure, let alone the government itself. Build on pressure creates irrational thoughts that lead to war.

Malaysia, on the other hand has taken acts to maintain prosperity in this region. Many mega projects have been canceled and the fund has been channeled to subsidies to maintain the price inside Malaysia. Due to that, Malaysia's food and fuel price are still among the cheapest in the world. The subsidies for food becomes priority with the fund for almost 50 billion ringgit.

P/s : Inflation is a war that must be overcome with rationality and mentality strength.

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