Thursday, May 1, 2008

First Parliment Meeting...

I am certainly sure that many of Malaysian already watched the first parliment meeting that was held just a few days ago. The thirty minutes discussion are going live on RTM 1 for the first time involving both the ruling party and the altenative, Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

As usual, the parliment will make discussion regarding a few points and questions to help Malaysian to achieve a better life. Many were watching from students to the veterans and what should turn out to be a normal and formal meeting has just transformed into a laughing session for anyone who watched them. In thirty minutes, only three questions has been asked and answered where the rest of the meeting is word war, mocking each others and playing a fool.

(Malaysia's Prime Minister, Paklah)

This thirty minutes really shows how the "big man" on every party reacts when the camera goes live. The opposition and the ruling government shows immature behaviour (not all) and it will be very embarrasing if the whole world is watching them. Don't bother search the video inside Youtube because all the videos there already edited. I can't see any of them contains the full thirty minutes video.

(The swearing issue and left handed swearer, Karpal Singh)

As what that has been suggested by many Malaysian scholars from all races, the meeting should be a field to help Malaysian, not to fight each other. Having both ruling and opposition parties in the parliment is a blessing that should be take in a positive way. Instead of fighting like a child loses his/her candy, how about be a matured adult, discussing and exchange ideas on how to make Malaysia a better country.

I understand that both ruling and opposition party have their own concept, policies and also the way to get anything done but in this particular moment, please co-operate with each other as both party have the same main objective, to make Malaysia the top of the world.

P/s : I can't stop laughing for that thirty minutes live meeting, its so humorous!

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