Saturday, May 3, 2008

Free Portraits For 5 Lucky Faces!

Feeling like having your own portrait without spending even 1 cent? If you do, you better go through this short article and amaze with the work of a fine art by wanwma. Wanwma conveying his great work by drawing free sketches portrait of any lucky citizen of Malaysia that participate in his events. He will hand pick 5 lucky faces and will sketch them for free and post them straight to their front door.

I admire his work of art and I really hope one day I will be one of the lucky ones to have my face imprinted inside the canvas by a professional artist like wanwma. Below is the example of his masterpiece.

Before I forgot, you can see more portraits at his blog at and if you're a Malaysian, you can submit your name for free portrait. You might become one of the lucky faces!

P/s : If I go to Central Market, a portrait face might cost me MYR50.00 or more! See the April name picks at wanwma web blog, I'm not listed for sure :(


  1. very nice that potrait..Hope can see next...Wow...Art artist are you??

  2. How can I get own free potrait?

  3. Sorry remiz, Im not the artist. All the credit goes to Wanwma. You can try to get free portrait by click at the link I provided at the post or go to

    Its free but depends on your luck too. I already registered but still doesn't get the opportunity yet :(

  4. No problem Wanwma, you're worth it :)