Friday, May 2, 2008

Free Vs Paid Social Networking

Go into the cyber cafe all over the world, not only Malaysia, and what will you see when a teenager is smiling in front of the monitor? Yup, an interaction inside a social networking. Name one that you might stumbled across or joined and I bet there will be more on your head, what will it be? Friendster? Myspace? Facebook? High5?

Nowdays social networking can be divided into two, profitable or not profitable to you. Profitable social networking can be either Yuwie or MyLot. There even e-books sold to increase referral which means increase of payment. Paid social networking often get the fastest rate of joining and active members but to be honest, the top of the chart is still free social networking.

The Alexa ranking shows that the top of the chart goes to free social networking. Why?

Its actually pretty simple. People from paid social networking expecting payment. After they get the first payment, some becomes so frustrated with the low payment and feel unworthy to active in the site anymore, hence the traffic depleted. Free networking concentrate on members that interact not for money but social needs. So, the more feedback and friends they obtained, the more serious they can be.
Social networking whether paid or not has one thing in common, money making solution and free traffic and list. Why? A business minded person will take advantages on the list of friends they obtained. I bet most of us have more than 100 friends that you can message instantly. This can be consider as alternative mailing list.

Precautions needed to ensure the account will not been banned from the server. Do not send promotional message each time often because if you do so, you will create a bad reputation trend. What does that mean? It means every time you send a message, people will delete them because they knew already what's your message is all about.
Take advantages on the thing you already knew and master. Some prefer using the money generated code like the one advertise above and even selling stuffs. The choice is up to you...

P/s : Actually I didn't gain much from social networking because I am not that active :(

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