Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Game Book Mania

Do you know that I am a Grandmaster Kai Magnawolf? Actually, I missed the old days when game book was very popular. I even bought a whole set of Lone Wolf adventure series because I really enjoying reading it and playing with it at the same time. If you're born with a laptop as a game stage, than you might not know about game book and how to play them.

Basically, game book consist of a character that we can choose, some skills, weaponry and lastly items. The journey starts with the first page and at the end of every paragraph there is a decision that you must make to go to other paragraphs. Each paragraph has its own numbers. Lone Wolf itself has hundreds of paragraph.

What makes Lone Wolf game book is better than any other game book? If you asked me, Lone Wolf is the only game book I know that has a combat scene. You will fight multiple enemies and bosses before you can proceed. There is a chart at the back for combat damages and there's a list of numbers to make a choice. Some using dice and others just using what's on the paper.

Its a satisfaction when you win the game and its a serious disappointments if you fail. You might be dead if you accidentally fight a bear, been hit by an arrow right at your chest and fails to eat. This is where the skills you choose at the beginning of the game determines your destiny. I really wish that somebody creates an e-book game. I might just buy them.

P/s : I might create an e-book game or blog game later on, depends on the situation :)

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